BD transportation has been in business since March of 2000. During these past 16 years we have reinvented ourselves a few times. We started as a 5 truck fleet hauling containers and have steadily grown to our current 63 truck fleet. We are 100% dry van, 53 foot equipment. We are looking for a blend of business that allows us to offer you top level service at competitive prices while offering our drivers a healthy and productive life style.

         The challenge over the next 12 months for all of us; BD, our customers, and our drivers, is seeing how our industry adjusts to the increased federal regulations, particularly the December 2017 mandate of electronic logging devices (ELD). BD adopted ELD technology in 2011 so we understand how it works. We follow it to the letter. The question remains whether or not our industry can re-wire itself for the 100% legal operation of trucks with respect to hours of service.

         Our goal is to find manageable solutions that work for both our drivers and customers. Our bread and butter business is dedicated or lane based freight. It lends itself to the HOS issues and it helps us to develop a relationship with the people that handle the freight or your end and the drivers who take responsibility for a route. To create that atmosphere each party needs to be treated with honesty and respect. We demand it from our drivers and ask of our customers.

         We invest heavily into our drivers and our equipment. We want to provide you with the highest level of service and attention. We are on a 3 year trade cycle on our tractors, so we run nothing older than 3 years. Our trailers are all on a 10 year trade cycle. Due to this we won't be the rock bottom lowest cost carrier most of the time but will be much more competitive than you might think. Our goal is to find you competitive solutions to your shipping needs. Each bid lane is analyzed individually and our rates are custom fitted to that lane.

         Our office staff is highly experienced. Our senior person has been with us for 15 of our 16 years. We staff our office 24/5 from midnight Monday morning to midnight Saturday morning. We have someone on call over the weekend 48 hour period. We use Omitracs (QUALCOMM) for real time tracking and tracing. We do have EDI capabilities.

         If you would like for us to take a look at your freight opportunities and quote what we can do please contact John Douglas at 937-773-9280 or from 9-5 Monday through Friday.


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