About Us
    We are John & Teresa Douglas.

         Together we started BD Transportation in March of 2000. BD Transportation is operated under our personal belief that you treat other people and other enterprises the way that you would like to be treated. We operate our company under Christian values and those values have carried us through 16 years of growth. We understand that not everyone shares our beliefs, and that is perfectly fine with us. It is certainly not a requirement to work with us as a customer or as an employee. But we do believe that our values appeal to a broad base of people and organizations and it give everyone a sense of how we try to operate our business. We are not a large high profile company. We are just two people who work very hard, along with our dedicated staff, to provide customers with low cost, high service transportation alternatives.

         BD transportation was established with 5 company owned trucks. Today we operate 65 tractors and have over 100 employees. We are a niche oriented contact carrier. We specialize in time sensitive repeat lane business including milk runs, dedicated carriage, warehouse shuttles and lane based one way moves. We offer very high service at pricing levels that may surprise you. If you have business which requires that extra touch of specialized service, we can help you. We can bring to you a level of personalized service that our larger competitors cannot match.

         In spite of our smaller size we have much to offer. We are Women Owned. We are Smartway Certified. Our fleet is modern and very reliable. We offer drop trailer programs. Our dispatch office is open 24 hours around the clock. We have operated ELD on the trucks since 2011. We have EDI capabilities.

         Our business is based on relationships. If you are looking for a long term relationship as a customer or an employee, please contact us. You can find us on Facebook as well.


Do to others what you would have them do to you.
Matthew 7:12